Spacecam Systems, Inc. Announces SPACECAM RX

Los Angeles, June 27, 2011: Following a study of industry needs, Spacecam has incorporated a series of extensive design enhancements to its gyro stabilized systems. The new Spacecam RX will include:

  • Increased Flight Speed Now Available: A major enhancement to yaw (pan) torque increasing flight speeds dramatically to well in excess of anything a helicopter can deliver (over 120 knots).
  • Multi-Channel Bi-Directional HD Optic Slipring: Noiseless image and control data. (August 2011)
  • Major Improvement to Stability and Horizon Control Now Available: Visit us to experience it!
  • Shaker Rig: Completion of full scale helicopter vibration shaker test stand for advanced vibration analysis. Now operational.
  • RED EPIC 2D & 3D Aerial Platforms Available: Test footage available for viewing
  • In House IMAX Camera Available: 65mm-15perf

Coming this fall:

  • Horizon Roll: more controllable image-roll capability +/- 90°. Look-down pan, left-right capability

The Spacecam RX is only a preview of the new Spacecam Ultra which has been in development for the past two years. For further information, please contact Sandra Crawford at Spacecam 818.889.6060