Academy Award-Winning Designer of SpaceCam, Oculus and Maximus 7, Ron Goodman, Talks about Moving Cinematography Forward

ron-goodman-spacecam-maximus-7Maximus 7

With the recent release of Maximus 7, SpaceCam once again, takes the spotlight with its latest engineering marvel. Ron explains how one gyro stabilized head can disrupt the movie industry and why it’s a game-changer.

The Maximus 7 head provides a new freedom in positioning, stabilizing and controlling cameras on different vehicles as well as specialized applications.  No other head has had this wide-ranging ability. Maximus 7 employs a completely new proprietary approach to alleviating external rotational disturbances.

It is vital to the production because it fills the important cross-over needs of traditional studio (silent), crane (sturdy), camera car and aerial applications (stabilized) with virtually no compromises in any of these applications, which means that a single Maximus 7 system can be utilized throughout production, eliminating the need for multiple heads. This translates to budgetary advantages by only needing one head!

A head’s size and weight is especially important for installation challenges on various vehicles. Maximus 7 has a distinct advantage in this respect because it is so compact and lightweight. Most importantly, Maximus 7 is the most operator friendly system in the industry providing a choice of various control device inputs including wheels, two types of joysticks and a pan bar option. No matter what your preference, Maximus 7 has the controls you need.  You choose the right controls for the job.

As a cinematographer, I always strive to direct the viewer to see images and visual perspectives that otherwise would not be experienced. Maximus 7 was built with that in mind as it’s 360* seamless cinematography brings visuals that the industry has never seen before. This is a game-changer!

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