Press Release – May 23, 2016


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Sandra Crawford Goodman, CMO





Maximus 7-SpaceCam’s new remote stabilized head for camera car, crane, boat, helicopter, track, cable rig and studio work is now available worldwide.

We’re turning your world upside down!


Los Angeles, CA.-May 23, 2016: Spacecam Systems Inc., the Academy Award-winning designers, engineers and manufacturers of SpaceCam, Oculus and now, Maximus 7, brings you the ultimate in gyro stabilization. Maximus 7 is a lightweight carbon fiber head (64lb) that meets every cinematic need. It’s virtually silent in studio, takes on the rugged terrain of camera car work, keeps a level head in high G forces and makes any crane it’s placed on, a better crane. It gets the shot every time!


Measuring just 23.5” x 29.5 x. 8”, Maximus 7 is the go-to head for any production because it can do it all, saving the production money on renting additional heads. It’s really easy to set up and use. The dove tail plate can be mounted on just about anything allowing Maximus 7 to go anywhere you want it to go, with rig changes complete in just a few minutes.


Ron Goodman, designer of Maximus 7 and President of SpaceCam says, “There is no other head like Maximus 7 on the market today. As a cinematographer, I wanted to design something that could get shots we’ve never seen before but with a system that’s easy to use.” Maximus 7 is continuous 360° in pan, tilt and roll giving access to shots that were previously impossible, with speeds up to 240° per second in all axes.  It easily mounts in any position and can transition into these positions while operating. Maximus 7 keeps a perfect horizon even under continuous high G forces with negligible drift rate in every axis. There’s no need for a leveling head, saving valuable weight and the tilt axis yoke can be extended by 4” or 6” to accommodate the longest payloads.


The control design packs a ton of features in a compact console with dedicated controls for over 95% of common functions. In addition to traditional wheels, the stick functions are swappable for lefties making set up of your preferences simple. You can choose an optional pan bar or military style hand-held joystick if that’s your preference. These multiple options are designed with the end user in mind-everything is at your fingertips!

SpaceCam provides training for Maximus 7 so that every shoot is a success.


Maximus 7 and Oculus can be seen in Deadpool, Star Trek Beyond, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Baywatch and numerous commercials, working flawlessly. For a complete list of credits, please visit our website at


SpaceCam is free to sell, lease or rent Maximus 7 which is available worldwide with units in Dubai, Germany, Italy and France as well as the US. For information on sales, lease, rental availability or hands-on demo, please contact




System Specs


System Type                        7-axis carbon fiber gyro stabilized gimbal

Gimbal Weight                       64 lbs. (29 kgs)

Gimbal Dimensions               L: 23.5” W:  8” H: 29.5” (60cm x 20cm x 75cm)

Temperature                         -20° to +50°C (-5° to 122°F)

Pan, Tilt and Roll Limit            360° Continuous in all axes

Pan and Tilt Speed                Up to 240° / sec

Payload                                 75 lb. payload plus (34 kgs)

Maximus 7                             Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.


About SpaeCam Systems: SpaceCam is an Academy Award-winning design, engineering, manufacturing and 24/7-service company based in Southern California. SpaceCam is committed to providing cinematographers with the highest quality products available for land, sea and air.