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Who is SpaceCam

SpaceCam is the brainchild of Ron Goodman and the product of his career-long commitment and dedication to just one thing -the best in gyro-stabilized cinematography. With the financial, business and marketing expertise of his partner, Sandra Crawford-Goodman, and the electronic engineering expertise of Attila Szalay, together they created SpaceCam.

Ron Goodman, Sandra Crawford-Goodman, Attila Szalay

Ron Goodman, Sandra Crawford-Goodman and Attila Szalay

Ron Goodman sees a need and he fills it! He combines his passion for cinematography with his entrepreneurial spirit as an inventor who brought you Oculus and now his latest creation, Maximus 7-the world’s most innovative gyro stabilized head!

  • Ron founded SpaceCam in 1989 with his partner Sandra Crawford. Just six short years later, together with his long-time collaborator, Attila Szalay, he won the Academy Award for Scientific and Engineering Achievement for SpaceCam Systems.
  • As a young cameraman and inventor, Ron spent 14 years in Europe where he achieved international success and established a reputation as a leader in aerial cinematography. He contributed key material to the “Star Wars” and “Superman” film series and has the longest single uncut shot in film history, the final sequence in Antonioni’s “The Passenger”.
  • Ron’s aerial work has been featured in many Academy Award-winning cinematography sequences. He earned the Giant Screen Cinema Films (“GSCA”) Best Cinematography Award five times, most recently in 2014, including a Special Achievement Award for his work on “The Alps.”

Sandra Crawford-Goodman is the brainchild behind the sales and marketing team at SpaceCam. She founded the company with Ron Goodman and together, with his cinematography and her sales and marketing ingenuity made SpaceCam the industry standard in aerial cinematography.

Attila Szalay is an electronics hardware and software engineering genius! He is the man that designs the hardware and software that makes movie magic happen. Attila has over 30 years experience in the field of gyro stabilization and Maximus 7 is proof of his software expertise! He hold a master’s degree in electronic engineering from the Technical Institute of Budapest, Hungary.

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