“The material shot with the SnakeHead was exceptional. The system’s flexibility in terms of camera angles is truly unique and allowed us to choreograph moves that are simply not possible with any other aerial fixed wing system. The results are unique and visually awesome and I shall be utilizing the system again very soon.”

–Eric Magnan, Director Airborne Films, “Breitling”

“Ron designed and built a custom rig that attached around the Huey and allowed him to mount the SpaceCam in hundreds of different positions…As usual with SpaceCam, everything was smooth and steady. We actually had to add digital-effects vibrations to certain shots just to match other shots in certain battle scenes…I remember saying, ‘Ron, shake it up a bit and loosen up some of those connections!’ But he was a bit reluctant, for obvious reasons!…”

–Dean Semler, DP, “We Were Soldiers”

“On helicopters I choose the nose mount for instant shot changes. We’ve also adapted the SpaceCam to cranes, camera cars, cable cams, long lines and boats. When you’re far from home and the sun’s going down, there is really no other choice for reliability and versatility.”
–Eric Saarinen, Commercial Director

“The Action Arm enables unlimited helicopter maneuverability, we can bank over 90 degrees whereas other systems, without the R.AM.S., would be locking up at 20 degrees. SpaceCam takes away any limits and enables me to fly without having to worry about the camera.”

–Cliff Fleming, Film Pilot

“[SpaceCam] is gyrostabilized and has vibration isolation, so the inherent vibration of the helicopter is eliminated.”

–Jack N. Green, Director of Photography

“An Imax format requires 10 times the steadiness that a 35mm format does. SpaceCam allows me to have 90 percent of the shots I’d like, not 25 percent. As a result, I’m looking at having three to four times the amount of material. That means a lot. If I have the right sunset, the right rainbow, the right storm cloud, the right action sequence, I’ll get a shot I can use. I don’t get that reliability with any other system.”

–Greg MacGillivray, Producer and Director MacGillivray-Freeman Films