Maximus 7

The ultimate 7 axes gyro stabilized head that’s silent in studio, rugged outdoors!
Our new “QP” software is now a standard on all Maximus 7 and Oculus units.


This allows the operator to simulate effects from ‘floating hand-held’ to ‘violent earthquake’ and anything in between. Contact for pricing.


  • Incomparable stability
  • Unlimited movements in all directions
  • Complete freedom to be mounted in any position: top, bottom, cantilevered; transitions can occur while operating
  • No need for leveling head
  • Keeps virtually perfect horizon even under continuous high G forces
  • Excellent static and dynamic stability allowing long lenses to be used
  • Wide payload inertia range
  • Silent in studio – rugged outdoor performance
  • Fiber optic lines insure optimal video quality
  • Extremely Low drift rates


  • Compact size and light weight
  • Quick system mounting for all rigs- Mitchell mount included
  • Quickly accepts both 4” and 6” yoke extensions to accommodate the longest payloads
  • Weather resistant – conformal coated electronics

System Type

7-axis carbon fiber gyro stabilized head

Head Weight

76 lbs (35 kgs)

 Head Dimensions  L: 23.5” W:  8” H: 29.5” (60 cm x 20 cmx 75 cm)


 -29° to +49°C (-20° to 120°F)
 Pan, Tilt and Roll Limits  360° Continuous in all axes
 Pan and Tilt Speed  Up to 240° / sec
 Payload Wide variety of camera and lens configurations. 75 lb payload plus


  • SpaceCam…mimicking SpaceCam operating conventions.
  • SpaceCam 2….maintains absolute control polarity with image on the screen even when camera is inverted.
  • Zedir Pan Mode…allowing straight up or down pan movements with system auto-leveling when horizon is about to enter frame.
  • Hard Mode…unstabilized, locked totally to position of mounting (coming soon)

Sub Modes:

  • Follow Mode…selectable individually for Pan, Tilt and Roll
  • Roll Stick…selectable velocity and position control modes. In position mode, roll returns to position of origin when roll stick is released.
  • Optional Shaker Mode


  • Stick functions swappable for lefties
  • Dynaglide wheel control unit. Various wheel inertias available upon request as well as optional variable drag system
  • Optional pan bar (Cartoni E-Cube)
  • Optional military style strain gauge hand-held joystick
  • Controls can be individually tailored for all aspects of control response, polarity, smoothing, etc.
  • Option for remote power on/off for cable rigs and cranes
  • Wireless operation up to 1.5 miles (2.4 kms) with option of 10 miles (16 kms)
  • Motion record and motion playback capability
  • Control console magnetically attaches for swift change-ups
  • Dedicated controls for 95% of common functions
  • Console weight is 6.5 lbs (2.3 kgs)
  • Sculpted foam magnetic lap console mount available



Maximus 7 is the most versatile 7 axes gyro stabilized head on the market today. It’s ability to go from camera car to studio makes it the “go to” head for all your filming needs including:

  • Telescopic Cranes
  • Camera Cars
  • Boats
  • Studio
  • Jib Arms
  • Standard Cranes
  • Dollies
  • Cable Rigs
  • Motorcycles
  • ATV’s
  • Motorized Arm Cars
  • Helicopters


    For availability, please contact Sandra-Crawford Goodman at 818-879-3433 or


We at SpaceCam take pride in our service and have had a stellar service record for over 25 years. We provide full-service, backup, consultancy and certificate training with every purchase of the Maximus 7. We also continue to provide service for Oculus. Our customer service is top notch. We listen to your needs and are responsive to equipment upgrade requests and service suggestions.

Reliability is built into the design of Maximus 7. Electronics are all digital and of a proven design-following 1,000’s of hours of testing, without a single electronic failure. Maximus 7 is designed and manufactured by SpaceCam in the USA.

For after hours or weekend service, please call or text Sandra at 818-879-3433.


Maximus 7 and it’s predecessor, Oculus, have been featured on a number of films to date. Here is a partial list of credits.

La La Land
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Mission Impossible 6
Pirates of the Caribbean 5
King Kong-Scull Island
Planet of the Apes

Magnificent 7
Independence day 2
Star Wars
Star Trek
Power Rangers
Predator 1 & 2

The Way Out
Series of Unfortunate Events


We have the pleasure of announcing the completion of the design for protective enclosures for Maximus and Oculus gimbal systems.  These gimbals are now the first and only ground-based systems with a custom -designed enclosure providing protection against dust and rain on camera cars, boats, and rain sets. It is the only configuration that SpaceCam approves for aerial use on helicopters. (We do not recommend use of any our

gimbals on a helicopter without this enclosure system).

     The enclosures will initially come in two sizes corresponding to compact and medium size configuration with 4” (100mm) extenders installed.

    The system consists of a front and rear housing, the former useable with or without optical window or with rain spinner.  The housings are attached with quick release, lockable latches.


1.How much does the head weigh? 76lbs with Smartbase, 66lbs without Smartbase. Add 7 lbs if horseshoe counterweight is needed.
2.How many ways can the head be configured? Overslung, underslung, cantilevered (matrix mode). Train yoke can be extended by 4” or 6”
3.Which cameras are compatible with Maximus 7? Virtually all cameras within a foot height/width – anything you can fit w/in this dimension will work – some film cameras have also been fit.
4. Which lenses can be used with Maximus 7? Virtually all including the 12-1 optimo
5. What is the range of stability in mm in focal length? Dependent upon application and surface. 300mm has been used from helicopters; 800 and 1200mm from ground tracking vehicles.
6. What is the max payload? 75 lbs
7. What FIZ units are compatible w/head? Preston Analog Zoom only. C-Motion and Ravenclaw will be available soon.
8. Does this head record moves? Yes
9. How long does it take to set up Maximus 7? It depends on the tech, (an hour usually given by prod); it can be 30-45 minutes if tech is experienced w/this head.
10. Is the head weatherproof? Maximus is weather resistant; all boards are conformal coated for extra protection. The operating limits are -20F to 120F. Must add extra protection and covering for heavy rains. Environmental Enclosure is coming soon.
11. Does head hold true earth/horizon? Yes
12. Can this head work wirelessly? What is the range? Yes – 1500’ with the rubber ducky antennas; it can penetrate multiple concrete walls.
13. Can I turn off stability? Turn off gyros? Yes, you can either go into the follow mode – it enables camera be steered by the vehicle; hard mode turns off all stability. Optional Shaker mode is now available.
14. Does it have a 4th axis, zeder pan (looking straight up or down)? Yes
15. What does the extra 3 axis – isopdamper/smart base do? It provides moderate dampening and an enclosure to house secondary sensing electronics for future development.
16. Is there full roll capability while moving head? Yes
17. What is the degree of tilt? 360 degrees continuous
18. How fast is pan? Up to 240/second
19. Can a move at the position limit be smoothed? Yes, Maximus has position limits. You can adjust the speed gradient or smoothness of stopping on the limit position. The software parameter calls it taper.
20. How long does it take to switch from one application to another? With multiple universal mounting plates, one can move from crane, car, track systems within minutes.
21. Can Maximus 7 be used on helicopter? Maximus 7 has been very successful on a number of projects. For safety reasons we recommend using it on a helicopter with the upcoming Environmental Enclosure only.
22. How reliable is Maximus 7? It has the highest reliability of any remote stab head in the industry.
23. What is the support from SpaceCam for Maximus 7? Our customer service is top notch 24/7. We have had a stellar customer service record for over 25 years. Just call us at 818-889-6060.
24. Who is the designer/manufacturer of Oculus and Maximus 7? Spacecam is the designer/manufacturer of Oculus and Maximus 7.
25. What is the difference between Oculus and Maximus 7? Currently there are no differences. All future software upgrades will be designed for Maximus 7. Oculus is no longer being manufactured.
26. How often do you update software? Our software is constantly being monitored and updated.
27. What’s coming next: Infinity Wheels – electronic drag: Worlds first electronically adjustable low inertia control wheel system.
28. Do you have any new functions? We have an optional Random Motion (shaker) function, currently available now.
29. Do you offer training? Yes. For all purchase/lease customers, Spacecam provides training to the company operators/technicians that will be using Maximus 7.
30. Is Maximus 7 available for lease? Yes! Maximus 7 is available for lease and sale.

We’d appreciate receiving feedback from techs/operators on location as your support and suggestions help to develop the evolution of Maximus 7. It was an end user that suggested the controls be swappable, left to right; roll return.
If you’d like to get on our mailing list for upcoming demos, or to receive information on additional training, please contact