SpaceCam was the first gyro-stabilized system to offer not only helicopter side mounts, but also tail and nose mounts. The Nose Mount, which allows for faster flight speeds in aerial filming, permits the camera to follow the action with pan and tilt speeds much faster than competing systems. The R.A.M.S application, also an exclusive feature, facilitates stabilized shooting during extreme helicopter banking, with a pitch roll limit of 120 degrees, far greater than that of older systems.


SpaceCam’s versatility allows it to be mounted on cable rigs, camera cars, boats and cranes. On Swordfish, SpaceCam was mounted to a crane arm and cable to shoot stunt men rolling down a cliff. On Inspector Gadget, the camera system was mounted to a vertically descending rig and dropped down the side of a 600′ building for visual effects shooting. For the opening sequence of Hard Rain, SpaceCam was mounted to a horizontal CableCam rig, which traveled down a rainy city street. A crane arm on a camera car was used to capture a unique 360° rotation around a car in a Hyundai commercial.

Sharp Focus

With the advent of highly stabilized and controllable gyro-stabilized platforms, cinematographers are increasingly tempted to use longer lenses, which can create focus problems. SpaceCam’s fully tested and operational laser auto focus system virtually guarantees sharp, consistent focus under all lighting conditions with even very long focal lengths. It has been used extensively on a number of major films and has performed flawlessly.

Recent Film Credits

  • Dream Big
  • National Parks
  • After Earth
  • Last Stand
  • Lost For Words
  • Hobbit
  • Pain & Gain
  • Phantom
  • Rock Of Ages
  • Still Seas
  • Taken 2
  • The Tomb

Camera Options

  • In house 35mm-4 perf.
  • In house 35mm-8 perf.
  • Vista Vision
  • 65mm-5 perf.
  • 65mm-8 perf.
  • In house 65mm-15 perf
  • Large Format and Digital (RED, Arri, Sony, Panavision, Panasonic)