Gyrostabilized System – Standard Capabilities

  • Fully Wireless Remote Control

    SpaceCam camera operator and camera console can be up to a distance of ½ mile away from the camera system, depending on antennas. This can be used for boat, camera car, crane and cable rig applications and if needed, even with helicopters.

  • Window Enclosure

    Enables high speed flight and eliminates reflection problems.

  • Cold Weather Operation

    Far surpasses that of any competitor. Successful filming in excess of -50 degrees F. SpaceCam filmed in Svalbard, Norway in 2011 and in Antarctica in 1999 with perfect results.

  • Auto/Manual Roll

    SpaceCam is the only system in which a horizon mode can be selected. The camera platform is immune to all G forces. The maximum roll angle is +/- 30 degrees normally or +/- 120 degrees with SpaceCam’s Roll Augmented Mounting System (see below).

  • Pricing

    Lowest prices for this class of equipment in the industry.

  • High Powered Gyros & Direct Drive Gimbals

    Provides increased stability and control.

  • Advanced Pan & Tilt Capabilities

    Up to 120 degrees per second, 360 degrees continuous pan, +40/-90 tilt.

  • Integrated Speed Aperture Computer

    Speed Aperture Computer: Speed Aperture Computer: integrated into the SpaceCam so that the camera speed can be varied during a shot. This technique is often used to compress the time required to approach a subject. Speed changes may be done “in shot” over entire camera range.

  • Modular DSP Electronics

    Advanced system software.

  • Rig Time

    Fastest rig time in the industry. Rig, shoot, de‐rig all in one day.

Gyrostabilized System – Advanced Capabilities

  • Exclusive Laser Auto Focus System (LAFS)

    Ensures precise and instantaneous focusing while on the move.

  • Roll Augmented Mounting System (RAMS)

    Allows for +/- 120 degree helicopter banking.

  • Motion Control Capability

    SpaceCam camera motions may be recorded during shooting to facilitate the marriage of optical CGI elements with filmed background. SpaceCam camera position and motion may be recorded during shooting to facilitate full “by the numbers” compositing capability for visual effects. All of the following parameters can be output in ASCII files on computer disks:

  • Time codes for each frame of film
  • Roll of camera position
  • Yaw angle in degrees of camera position
  • Zoom/focal length in mm
  • Pitch of camera position
  • Information to 16,000 frames