Booking SpaceCam

Booking Protocol

SpaceCam has four gyro-stabilized camera systems which are available on a rental basis for film production anywhere in the world. Due to heavy demand, it is important to book time well in advance of proposed shoot dates. SpaceCam time is reserved on chronological priority basis. The first customer to place a hold on a date has priority over holds placed subsequently.

A customer with a lower priority hold may force the holds of higher priority holders by offering to book the dates. If those customers with higher priority are unable to make a booking after having been given reasonable notice, the customer forcing the hold will be awarded the dates.

A booking will only be considered valid and confirmed upon receipt of a signed contract together with the required deposit and Certificate of Insurance. All dates for which the customer anticipates requiring the SpaceCam should be booked by the customer. These include weather days, travel days, prep, rehearsal and back-up days of any kind. Any days not booked are considered available to other customers.



A 50% deposit on the full estimated rental period is required to book the system (100% for all foreign customers).

The rental charges begin on the day the equipment leaves the SpaceCam office and continue consecutively until and including the day it returns to the office. The customer is responsible for payment for all days, including, but not limited to weather days and delays caused by shipping, helicopter breakdown and customs.

The customer is responsible for all location expenses, such as, but not limited to, storage and hangar fees, security crew accommodations, meals, transportation, freight agent and broker fees, carnets, customs, bonds and import charges relating to helicopter services.


IMG_0321The customer is responsible for all insurance costs for the equipment from the time it leaves SpaceCam to the time it is returned. The policy must specifically cover air travel including use mounted on a helicopter for the purposes of aerial filming. SpaceCam should be insured against loss or damage in the amount of $1,000,000 and against public liability in the amount of $5,000,000. SpaceCam Systems, Inc. should be named as additionally insured and loss payee on the customer’s insurance policy. Auto liability in the amount of $1,000,000 is required when the SpaceCam van is being used as transportation or support vehicle. Proof of insurance coverage must be received prior to the shipment of equipment. All approvals and documentation from government agencies granting permission for shooting must be obtained prior to shooting. Flight situations that, in the opinion of SpaceCam, jeopardize the safety or could lead to the confiscation of equipment will be grounds for termination of any contract, written or verbal.

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