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Stabilized Imaging Technology

SpaceCam is the foremost aerial imaging company in the motion picture industry offering the widest range of film format and high-end HD stabilized equipment in the industry. Our roster encompasses the world’s top aerial cameramen. Through constant evolution, SpaceCam has captured industry standards for performance, flexibility and reliability. This, coupled with unrivaled customer and logistical support, make SpaceCam the clear choice for the majority of serious film and digital productions.

Recently at SpaceCam

What we offer

SpaceCam's capabilities in film range from 35mm- 4 perf, 35mm- 8, 65-5, 65-8 up to our own 65-15 perf system. Digital and video systems encompass Arri Alexa, RED, Sony Products, the F23 and F35 and the Panavision Genesis.

Special in-house engineering capabilities exist for advanced "one off" systems such as the special "Master Front" for our Mithchel cameras allowing Zeiss Master Primes to be mounted on these cameras. In addition, we now offer the unique SnakeHead system for fixed wing aircraft.

Get in touch

Here at SpaceCam, we've worked with various filmmakers and are happy to work with you or your crew in finding the perfect platform for your stabilized shooting needs.

If you'd like to see what we've worked on, you can find our complete credit lists on our site as well as browse the gallery. To request a quote, DVD demo reel or information packet, you can reach SpaceCam and get in touch with our team anytime by using any of the methods here on our contact page. Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to hearing from you.